About Hinkle Legal
Owned and operated by Judith E. Byrd, resident of Sebring in Highlands
County since 1984.
Our company has the following qualifications:
  • Associates in Science Degree, Paralegal, Summa Cum Laude
  • 8 years working with an attorney
  • Certified Member: Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers
  • Extensive hands-on knowledge of court filings
  • Efficient in research
  • High ethical standards
  • Christian-owned
  • Officer in the banking industry
  • Highly respected in problem solving and communicating
  • Private Business Owner-Manager
  • Notary Public

Low on funds, but have to proceed?
"Many people who might qualify are unaware that in Florida
including Highlands County] low income individuals may apply
to the clerk of the court for
indigent status. Based on the
application, the clerk determines whether the applicant
qualifies for civil indigent status,
and court filing fees may be
."  Florida Statute 57.082

Source:  Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers (FALDP)
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or represent clients in court.
If you need either of these services you must seek the aid of an attorney